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Testimonial - Kyrenia Court VII:  - Roger Catherall

Roger Catherall:
Kyrenia Court VII - Apartment 5

"They told me that if you buy a Distinctive Properties property there is a clause in the contract that you will agree to contribute to the re-painting of the outside of the building and the public areas every five years. This reflects two important factors not evident in the works of all developers in this part of the world. Firstly that the building is expected to last for more than one multiple of five years and secondly that Necat and his brother Ertug have such pride in their work that they wish to be able to point out their developments in years to come knowing that they will still be in perfect repair.

When I first visited Kyrenia in search of a part time home I was introduced to Necat who was pleased to show me 3 of his developments, each at a different stage of completion. We discussed designs and construction methods and materials and I was impressed by his knowledge and indeed passion for his business. It did not surprise me to discover later that his first career had been in accountancy but that he had given that up in favour of the construction projects in which he takes such pride. Necat listened to my comprehensive wish list and conceded that he had nothing on the go that would really suit me. He made know attempt to push me towards any of his existing projects. Two days later, however he contacted me to say that he had found a plot of land whose location may be good for me and would I like to see it. We stood a quarter of a mile away looked at the plot and agreed that if he could negotiate to buy the land I would take the top floor apartment of a six home development.

From the outset everything was professional and above board. Necat clearly outlined the complete process and kept me updated at every milestone. Where appropriate he sent photos and progress reports. He gave me plenty of time and help to choose internal materials and finishes and facilitated the staged payments through the notoriously difficult North Cyprus banking system. Once the property was completed Necat made the appropriate applications for services on my behalf and even assigned his quality manager to hold my hand through the archaically bureaucratic electricity board.

Whenever I have called or e-mailed for assistance, Necat has responded quickly and helpfully. He has advised on various matters, trivial and otherwise, many of which have nothing to do with his business as a property developer. He is one of those people who go out of their way to help others and not just themselves. He has been fair in all of our dealings so far. He is that rare and special thing, an honest Turk. Not only have I gained a quality property with a beautiful view and within walking distance of the magical Kyrenia Harbour but I have a new, true friend. Thank you Necat. "

Roger Catherall
Kyrenia Court VII - Apartment 5

What sets Distinctive Properties apart?

Within the past few years, property sales in Northern Cyprus have soared. Unfortunately, ubiquitous substandard concrete boxes are now the norm. Stories of leaking swimming pools and roofs, inferior wokmanship, collapsing garden walls, 2-year old villas which now need major renovation and surprisingly identical designs are abundant.

What truly sets Distinctive Properties apart are ‘distinct’, high quality, low maintenance, thoughtfully and uniquely designed homes located at prime locations with you and your family in mind.

Distinctive Properties offers 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments and 2 and 3 bedroom penthouses. We prefer to build primarily in central Kyrenia not only because it is such a charming town, but also because our experience has proven to us that central Kyrenia is where our clients get the most value for their money, both in terms of capital appreciation and rental income. Our clients are enjoying 20-30% capital appreciation of their properties in less than a year and also 8-10% net rental returns per year (after maintenance costs and taxes on gross rental income).

We use international engineering standards for our construction practices and we take pride in our quality and completion timeframes. Our properties have a ten year construction guarantee against structural defects. Our engineers do dynamic, as well as static simulations to ensure earthquake-proof structures.

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