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Testimonial - Kyrenia Court Suite III - Apartment #4: M. Haziq Siddiqi (Karachi-Pakistan)

M. Haziq Siddiqi - Karachi-Pakistan:

“I first visited Northern Cyprus in the summer of 2004, when I drove up from Larnaca with my family. We stayed in the Pitoresk Holiday Village and all of us (my wife & kids) fell in love with the place. The 2 week stay was idyllic.

But we had to leave because of my work commitments.

The idea of buying some property in the TRNC (KKTC) started forming in my mind and I began looking at websites that offered suitable property developments. Eventually I settled on Kyrenia Court III, Apartment No:4.

All my interaction was with a Ms Julie Bronstein of Remax / Golden Properties, Girne office. She sent me site details, property specifications, and answered the host of questions I posed. The result was that I sent my deposit, and began paying the builder according to the schedule I was given.

I visited Girne in April this year and physically saw the site for the first time. I was feeling a bit apprehensive, and was thinking maybe I had not done a wise thing just buying on specs without even knowing who I was buying from.

However, my experience has been superb and my decision fully vindicated by what I have discovered during my visit.

  • The builders M/s Distinctive Properties are honest and trustworthy, and have a good reputation.
  • All the photographs I had received when the `sales pitch' was being made are absolutely faithful to the situation I have found on the site.
  • The views from my lounge (living room) are precisely what was given in the photographs.
  • In the local market as well, I heard M/s Distinctive Properties have a good name, and their properties KC I and KC II already command a premium resale price because of the sound construction and the quality materials that have been used.

With all these plus points, I would very happily buy a second property from the same builders, and I would recommend them to anybody wishing to make a property investment in Northern Cyprus.”

M. Haziq Siddiqi
Kyrenia Court III-Apartment 4

What sets Distinctive Properties apart?

Within the past few years, property sales in Northern Cyprus have soared. Unfortunately, ubiquitous substandard concrete boxes are now the norm. Stories of leaking swimming pools and roofs, inferior wokmanship, collapsing garden walls, 2-year old villas which now need major renovation and surprisingly identical designs are abundant.

What truly sets Distinctive Properties apart are ‘distinct’, high quality, low maintenance, thoughtfully and uniquely designed homes located at prime locations with you and your family in mind.

Distinctive Properties offers 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments and 2 and 3 bedroom penthouses. We prefer to build primarily in central Kyrenia not only because it is such a charming town, but also because our experience has proven to us that central Kyrenia is where our clients get the most value for their money, both in terms of capital appreciation and rental income. Our clients are enjoying 20-30% capital appreciation of their properties in less than a year and also 8-10% net rental returns per year (after maintenance costs and taxes on gross rental income).

We use international engineering standards for our construction practices and we take pride in our quality and completion timeframes. Our properties have a ten year construction guarantee against structural defects. Our engineers do dynamic, as well as static simulations to ensure earthquake-proof structures.

You will find refreshing additions to these homes – the little things which make all the difference to living or living comfortably – both inside and outside.

For example: 

  • Spacious (more than 30 m2 with balconies), well-lighted and airy lounges due to plenty of windows in order for you to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and mountain views and weather. 
  • All water tanks are hidden within the design of the roof terrace. 
  • All rain water pipes are concealed. 
  • All apartments have covered parking. 
  • All A/C unit compressors and piping are hidden away and the location of additional A/C units are already pre-designated. 

All apartments have a separate ground level store room for your bicycles, beach toys, fishing equipment etc.

All our projects have parcelation and construction permits enabling buyers to get individual title deeds. You can read more on our buyer's guide page on what to look for when buying a property in Northern Cyprus.

Our developments in Northern Cyprus are all built on Internationally recognised land with clean Turkish Cypriot titles and bear no risk to the purchasers. Investors are also welcome for bulk purchases. Please e-mail us for further information.

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