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Testimonial - Kyrenia Court VI Apartment #6, Kyrenia Court IX Apartment #3 - Carol & Dennis Page, UK

Carol & Dennis Page, UK:
Kyrenia Court VI Apartment #6
Kyrenia Court IX Apartment #3

"Thinking of buying a property in N. Cyprus? Look no further.

After visiting beautiful Kyrenia, N. Cyprus over a year ago, my husband and I decide to go ahead and buy some property here.

Feeling abit daunted by it all initially, we took the plunge and started our adventure with a tour of all the Estate Agents, eventually stumbling upon Fraser & Co (opposite the Dome Hotel). This was where our luck began. Firstly we were greeted by such friendly, helpful informative staff; where nothing seemed to be too much trouble in helping us. After a lengthy conversation with us they had an idea what we were looking for and we told about Distinctive Properties owned by Necat Ertugrul and his brother, and this is where our luck continued.

Necat's properties were/are stylish, distinctive, modern looking buildings, just what we were looking for, we could'nt wait to see one and be shown inside a finished property.

Iain Fraser (Fraser & Co) kindly took us to see the properties for sale and to meet the man behind it all himself Necat Ertugrul. What a lovely, truly kind, and as we were to find out later, honest, reliable person he turned out to be. The properties were wonderful just like the people dealing with us. Our worries were dispelled and we went ahead and signed the dotted line to have an Off Plan property built (they were actually in the process of being built).

The whole process from start to finish was amazingly effortless for us. We paid for each stage of building ie: Foundations, walls, plastering, windows etc etc only when each stage had been completed. Necat informed us in advance via e-mail each time a payment was due and consistently took pictures of the various stages and sent them to us by e-mail too. We were informed all the time exactly what was going on and expected of us.

A year later, and it is all finished; and we are more than delighted with the end result. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone concerned especially Necat for making what we thought would be a daunting experience into a stress-free one instead, which could not have gone more smoothly for us.

Anyone wanting to buy a property in N. Cyprus check out Fraser & Co and Distinctive Properties we highly recommend them. "

Carol & Dennis Page, UK
Kyrenia Court VI Apartment #6
Kyrenia Court IX Apartment #3

What sets Distinctive Properties apart?

Within the past few years, property sales in Northern Cyprus have soared. Unfortunately, ubiquitous substandard concrete boxes are now the norm. Stories of leaking swimming pools and roofs, inferior wokmanship, collapsing garden walls, 2-year old villas which now need major renovation and surprisingly identical designs are abundant.

What truly sets Distinctive Properties apart are ‘distinct’, high quality, low maintenance, thoughtfully and uniquely designed homes located at prime locations with you and your family in mind.

Distinctive Properties offers 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments and 2 and 3 bedroom penthouses. We prefer to build primarily in central Kyrenia not only because it is such a charming town, but also because our experience has proven to us that central Kyrenia is where our clients get the most value for their money, both in terms of capital appreciation and rental income. Our clients are enjoying 20-30% capital appreciation of their properties in less than a year and also 8-10% net rental returns per year (after maintenance costs and taxes on gross rental income).

We use international engineering standards for our construction practices and we take pride in our quality and completion timeframes. Our properties have a ten year construction guarantee against structural defects. Our engineers do dynamic, as well as static simulations to ensure earthquake-proof structures.

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