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Title Deed Information in Northern Cyprus

After the division of the island in 1974, Turkish Cypriots formed their own legal system in Northern Cyprus. As a result of this, different property alternatives with different title deeds have been issued in Northern Cyprus.

Probably, the most common word you will hear in dealing with property purchase in Northern Cyprus is the “kocan”. “Kocan” means, “deed” and there are all kinds of Kocan’s in the Turkish Cypriot legal system. For instance, the one in connection with Northern Cyprus property purchase is called Tasinmaz Mal Kocani, which roughly translates as “The title deeds of conveyance”.

The property alternatives with different types of deeds are as follows:

  • Pre-1974 British or other foreign ownership
  • Pre-1974 Turkish Cypriot ownership
  • Post-74 Turkish Cypriot Ownership (also called TRNC Title Deed): These properties were given to Turkish Cypriots in exchange for their lands that they left in South Cyprus (exchange of land / property) or (awarded land / property) to Turkish Cypriots by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (“TRNC”) Government. Based on the TRNC Constitution that was enacted in 1983, all the deeds rectified and named as TRNC deeds are freely transferable to foreigners. The famous Annan Plan also gives international recognition to these properties.
  • Leasehold – properties owned by the TRNC Government who will grant long-term leases of 49 years or more.
Below we would like to clarify a few definitions of apartments or flats to help you find your perfect property in Northern Cyprus.

Apartments are properties in a block, and usually share gardens and pools with other flats.

Penthouses are top floor apartments, quite often of bigger size and with bigger terraces than the other apartments in the block, and with more panoramic views.
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