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Selecting the Ideal Property in Northern Cyprus

Before purchasing any property in Northern Cyprus you should decide what you want your property to provide, holiday or permanent living and/or good rental income?

If you are investing in a holiday home, how near to the beach or the mountains do you want your property to be? Are you a boating, fishing or windsurfing fan? What are your family’s needs? Do you want a quiet isolated resort or one with plenty of activities for your family to enjoy? Do you want a Northern Cyprus villa, bungalow, apartment etc? Some obviously cost more than the others. Do you plan to invest in a buy-to-let property and get rental income from your Northern Cyprus investment to cover the running costs and taxes (on rental income)? Some properties, particularly flats in central Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus are easier to let than others.

If you want a permanent home in Northern Cyprus, should you buy in an area where at the end of October most places are closed or do you want to be in an area where there are more amenities such as shops, banks, bars and restaurants? If you are coming to live in Northern Cyprus (TRNC) permanently, have you ever been here in the wintertime?

These are only a few of the many points you have to consider. We at Distinctive Properties will be more than happy to discuss and advise you on all matters related to your choice of a Northern Cyprus property.

Of course, finally, one of the most important points to consider is how much you plan to invest in Northern Cyprus?

After you decide what type of property you want and how much to spend to acquire it, it is advisable to find out what the legal process in Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is when buying immovable property? Although elementary, we cannot stress enough the need to take professional advice from English speaking Turkish Cypriot Lawyer . The process of buying property or land in Northern Cyprus is not any more complicated than it is elsewhere.
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