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Telephone Services in Northern Cyprus

International telephone system
To dial the UK from Northern Cyprus one needs to dial 00 44 and omit the first 0 of the UK code.
To dial Northern Cyprus from the UK dial 00 90 392 and then the area code followed by the number.

The code for England is 00 44 followed by the local number but omitting the first number (0). From abroad the code is 00 90 392 followed by the local Cypriot number. Public telephone booths are available and telephone cards can be purchased from the Telecommunications Office.

Telecommunication in Northern Cyprus
International telecommunication facilities are a rapidly growing sector of the economy in Northern Cyprus. The company responsible for all telecommunication also provides telex, fax, telegram transmission and ISDN/e-mail facilities.

When making international calls the cheap rates are from 20:00 to 08:00 hrs. Monday -Friday and all hours over the weekend. (Northern Cyprus is 2 hours ahead of GMT).

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