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Formalities For Yacht Owners in Northern Cyprus

You can enter Northern Cyprus Yacht port if you get preliminary permission or when you enter Kyrenia water. You can get alimation through VCH16 radio channel. Kyrenia marina address: Kordon Boyu Cad. Vakiflar Ishani Kyrenia Marina

Tel: 90392 8153587
Radio VCH16
Harbour Master: Numan Ormanci - Gokhan Guler
Key Master : Hamit Topal

Entering formalities to Kyrenia Marina, Northern Cyprus for yacht owners:
-Getting in touch before entering marine
-After casting anchor passengers have to go on the immigration and customs procedure.
-If there is any animal or a pet in the Yacht, Veterinary office personnel has to be called in order to start quarantine procedure.

The facilities given at Kyrenia Marine:
-Electricity & water is given
-Laundry washing & drying
-Leaving luggage office
-Captaincy services
-Ship washing services
-Ship technical service

Technical Rules:
-Minimum fee is applied 7 meters
-Longer than 20 meters (L.O.A) ship -Yacht fees.
-Catamaran ships / Yacht (more than 5 meter fee.)
-Fees are paid at TRNC central Banks effective buying rate on the day of payment
-The fees tar rife of Marina Director ship can change under some circumstances
-The ships that have TRNC flag have %10 reduction for binding fee.
-%10 service fee is included in the prices.
-If commercial ships have more than 2 personnel they have to pay 250.000 TL per personnel per day.

P.S: For all of these services and facilities the prices are determined in US Dollar annually. For further information you should get in touch with the Marina.

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