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Health Regulations For Animals in Northern Cyprus

1. Any kind of animal admission to Northern Cyprus needs preliminary permission.
2. The veterinary office of the ministry of agriculture and forests of Northern Cyprus gives preliminary permission.
3. The conditions of preliminary permission depend on the species of the animal. These conditions are told to animal owners by the veterinary office.
4. According the law that is in force now the quarantine period depends on the species and the origin country of the animal.
5. Carrying animals to the guarantee place and keeping them there is paid by the animal owner.
6. Any kind of food that contains animal and biological products needs preliminary permission to be imported to Northern Cyprus if they are brought by the passenger on himself.

Pets can be brought into Northern Cyprus from Europe easily. The Ministry of Agriculture requires a certificate from a European vet stating that your animal is free of major diseases. Quarantine is approximately 3-4 weeks at the Lefkosa kennels.

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