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Customs Regulations in Northern Cyprus

1-Customs regulations while entering and leaving Northern Cyprus show similarity with the developed European countries customs regulations in methodic and basic. Any person who comes to Northern Cyprus in a certain place, time, and way, anything that he or she carries on himself or herself in anything that he or she carries in the luggage ;
a) Anything that was bought outside of Northern Cyprus or
b) Any good that has commercial value tax unpaid or tax refunded and
c) Anything or good that could not be carried before its tax paid; has to be declared due the custom regulations. Any person who enters or leaves Northern Cyprus has to answer any question of the official clerk about his or her luggage or anything that is carried on her or himself. At the same time the passengers has to show any good in his or her luggage or anything that he or she carries on himself or herself to the official clerk in a certain place, time that the official clerk shows. But if the passenger asks that he or she wants to be examined in a special place examination can be carried out in a special place. According to customs regulations if any person who refuses to give information and refuses to show and declare the goods that he or she carries or keeps them in his or her luggage commits law. Any good that depends on customs tax or any other tax if not declared of hidden and found by the officials during the examination time or goods that are prohibited or restricted to import and export could be kept by customs as a punishment

2-While entering or leaving Northern Cyprus the amount of money that a passenger can carry freely: Passengers while entering or living Northern Cyprus may carry maximum 10,000 USD or equivalent in other currency.

3-While entering Northern Cyprus, duty free rights of the passengers are as follows:

400 cigarettes or 500 gr tobacco
Alcoholic drinks 150 cc
Wine 150cc
Perfume and lotions 100 cl
Non commercial goods 75 $ worth free Over 75 $ taxable
Personal Belonging Depends on passenger's social condition.

4-Regulations for entering Northern Cyprus by a motor vehicle While entering Northern Cyprus in last 2 years the person who stayed and lived abroad more than 365 days and comes to Northern Cyprus temporarily and is over 18 years old age (staying in Northern Cyprus should not be more than 12 months) is considers as visitors. Persons that did not stay abroad this much could be consider as visitors if they declare and show all the documents proving that they live outside of the country. While entering these people has to declare the cars documents and has to make 3 months valid car insurance.

5-Other important points Customs offices make examination while entering or leaving Northern Cyprus plus they carry out other regulations of all different ministries during their examinations.

Controlled during import

-Controlled drugs ( Opium, heroine, morphine, cocaine, cannabis etc.)
-Fire arms (guns)
-Munitions, explosives
-claps knifes
-counterfeit money
-Obscene tools and publication.
-Sapling, lump, and seeds.
-Animals and birds (needs veterinary quarantine)

Controlled during export

-Controlled drugs
-Fire arms munitions and explosives
-Antics (plus statues)
-Various archaeological goods.
-Living wild animals in TRNC
-Before export controls permissions is needed from various offices so before coming to export ports all formalities has to be completed.

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