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Passports and Visas (Frontier Regulations) in Northern Cyprus

All the foreign country passports are recognised at the entrance ports and airports of Northern Cyprus. Greek Cypriots, Greek from Greece and citizen of Armenia should have visa. Citizen of Nigeria, Philistine, Afghanistan, Libya, Armenia, Greek and Greek Cypriots have to have visa, but if their people comes to Northern Cyprus as a tourist and if they come as groups they don't need any visa. Also those who are 3. world citizens that are Greek, Greek Cypriot and Armenian have to have visa. Visa applications can be done to Northern Cyprus foreign representatives for the Nations that mentioned above.

If any citizen of a country that mentioned above is married to a TRNC citizen the need of a visa is evaluated in a different manner and could be more elastic. But this special condition is determined after the application to the foreign representation of Northern Cyprus. On the other hand, it is possible for the people from different nations (except the ones mentioned above) who enter Turkey, to enter Northern Cyprus freely as a tourist or with a tourist group.

The same procedure is carried out to passengers who travel separately. Separate passengers have to have enough amount of cash, returning ticket and reservation to a Northern Cyprus Hotel (proving that the purpose of travel is tourism) Under these circumstances it is impossible to have a problem during the entrance of TRNC. When entering Northern Cyprus the period of the visa is determined by the immigration police officer. After entering Northern Cyprus if you have valid justifications you can apply to prolong for visa to ministry of interior.

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