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No business like the property business!


Well, the Property Market here is all but dormant it seems...why! The well orchestrated propaganda machine kicked in by the European South certainly has taken it’s toll this time round and what did anyone do to countermand the situation... simple, nothing!

Could anything have been done many are asking! The jury is still out on that one! The kick-back is certainly starting to have effects on all related businesses, and if the situation carries on during the winter months then who knows what the consequences will be... but it does not look promising by any means. Would-be purchasers are certainly being more selective and with certain companies wavering on the edge of make or break then it’s appears to be a buyers market at present... so it’s bargain time for those with the readies! On the other hand, what can be done to bring the market back to a realistic level. Needs a little 'think tank' on that one and the likes of certain bodies and organisations here are not going to solve the problems or the immediate situation overnight. Someone has the answers and the solution, but which office are these people in? Well, they are not in any Estate Agents or Property Developers offices nor in any planning department or land registry office. So where are they? Well it seems that the time is not right for this ‘office’ to open ‘for business’ so to speak, and settle what needs to be settled once and for all, and that is the land issue as a whole. In turn, this will come about from a general settlement which in turn will come about when the two sides sit down and hammer out a solution. So don't hold your breath here because we all know only too well that for a settlement to happen it will take the right people to be in the right place with the right solution to suit everyone concerned... is that ever possible, especially with the European south who are just hell bent on doing everything possible to keep the status quo just so!
In the meantime, everyone is expected to carry on relentless and somehow cope, well that's nothing new, the TRNC [Northern Cyprus] has been doing that for 31 years! Whilst those in a position waiting to resolve the situation have the thankless task of being snubbed and left sitting on the fence until the powers that be suddenly wake up to the fact that here in North Cyprus there are many Europeans too as well as in the south as a whole. So, considering all the Europeans here in the north that do have rights as much as those in the south, when will someone openly state that the embargoed north should not be so anymore and the status quo has to! After all, the Cypriots here in the north did say overwhelmingly ‘yes’ to certain plans and since then, heads have been well and truly buried in the sand and the frustration from the European south becomes even more intense, but the northern Cypriots have to wait patiently in their quest for equality and justice.

The frustrations of being told what to do and to comply and conform are certainly shown by those on the check points in the south, where certain officials intimidate anyone they can... except their own of course!... the frustration is so plain to see and reflects very much in their unfriendly and uncivilised manner, its nothing short of discrimination and victimisation. And these are suppose to be Europeans abiding by European rules and regulations... really! For those of us living here long enough to understand that the south is ‘a law unto itself’ then how can anyone expect the hand of friendship to be given in goodwill.

The European south will go its own way and will never consider anyone else in the picture, that's how they are and that's how they always will be! Selfish to the core and arrogant to the end. 

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