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[Northern Cyprus Property] Profile - KORINIA ESTATE [Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus]

PROFILE: KORINIA ESTATE [Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus]

20 years of experience and EU standard service...Korinia Estates [Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus].

"We assure you that we have the greatest choice of properties [such as apartments etc] available in [Northern] Cyprus. We operate upon the confidence we have built and we are determined to stay here [in Northern Cyprus] for another 20 years.' Güray Haksever brings our attention to an important point: 'All our customers [potential buyers of properties such as apartments in Kyrenia etc] are valuable to us, regardless of their budget. A person who wants a £30,000 home comes, as well as a person who buys a home priced £700,000."

Some jobs take solemnity and reliability. Real estate is such a profession. Those who refuse to compromise on their principle of reliability wiIl stand the biggest chance of longevity
within the sector - just like Korinia Estates [Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus]. Korinia Estates [Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus] is a family business established by Güray Haksever and his son Gürkan Haksever [in Northern Cyprus]. They were one of the first firms [in Northern Cyprus] to take a professional first step into the real estate industry [in Northern Cyprus], when foreign interest in north Cyprus virtually non existent. 'They call me 'Guy' and my son 'Kirk', says Güray Haksever, introducing a colleague, a middle- aged, smiling-faced Briton as, 'Paul, a member of the family'.

I ask about the current situation regarding foreign interest [in properties such as apartments in Kyrenia etc] in [Northern] Cyprus.

'We had a period of stagnation [in property sales], due to the Annan Plan and Greek Cypriot attempts to block property purchase [in Northern Cyprus]. However, business [property sales such as apartments in Kyrenia] has picked up hugely over the past six weeks or so. 90% of our customers are Europeans.'

Why are foreigners buying? [in Northern Cyprus]
'Some buy [properties such as apartments in Kyrenia etc] to settle and some for investment. They come, stay in their property [apartments, villas etc] for a month and rent it out for the rest of the year. And after a while they sell it and buy another house [or flat etc]. Once upon a time, the majority of foreign buyers [of properties such as apartments in Kyrenia etc] were the retired who bought houses [and/or flats etc] to live in for the rest of their lives. Nowadays, young people have started to buy homes [and/or flats etc]. There are also young people who buy [properties such as apartments in Kyrenia etc] simply in order to make money. The majority of these people [buyers of properties in Northern Cyprus] are Britons.'

How does Korinia Estates [Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus] approach foreigners [potential buyers of properties such as apartments in Kyrenia etc] interested in [Northern] Cyprus?
'We reach the world via our website. Additionally, we advertise in quality publications here [in Northern Cyprus] and in the OK. Perhaps most significantly, we cooperate with some established estate agencies in Britain.'

There have been concerns recently over what some perceive to be the lack of control over the construction sector [in Northern Cyprus]. What is the current view of foreigners [potential buyers of properties such as apartments in Kyrenia etc] who, in the past, chose [Northern] Cyprus as a destination for its natural beauty?

'Britons and other foreigners who [bought properties such as apartments in Kyrenia etc and] settled in [Northern] Cyprus in the past are now rightfully concerned at the possibility of the TRNC [Northern Cyprus] losing its natural beauty and serenity. We think that the Interior Ministry and Ministry for Environment [of Northern Cyprus] should control these things. Hundreds of buildings are being built [in Northern Cyprus] without any controls or checks. This is not a healthy path [for Northern Cyprus property market].'
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