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The House Doctor

With property management expert Audrey Ellison

With the explosion of property purchases [such as apartments in central Kyrenia] here in the TRNC [Northern Cyprus] over the last two years and the subsequent rise in number of estate agents [of Northern Cyprus], there has been a foreseeable upsurge in agents [of Northern Cyprus] offering property management [for buyers of apartments etc in Kyrenia and elsewhere].

Some property owners [such as apartments in central Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus] are changing domicile and plan to Iive in and maintain their own homes in the TRNC [Northern Cyprus], but many purchase [apartments etc] specifically in order to rent them out or plan to be away for longish periods and, as such, find it necessary to arrange some form of supervision. Neighbours or friends often offer to help on either a voluntary caring or a remunerated basis, which can work Iike a charm. Or not. For, if there is an unexpected problem (a ceiling collapses and the wrong buiIder [in Northern Cyprus] is employed) assessing responsibility can be not only costly but uncomfortable and cause the break up of a previously good relationship.

By leaving property [such as apartments etc in Northern Cyprus] in the care of an authorised [Northern Cyprus] agent, owners [of apartments etc] know where the buck stops. That is, if they have done their homework. Rules of engagement in settling on an agent [in Northern Cyprus] are no different in the TRNC [Northern Cyprus] than elsewhere. There is, for instance, no such thing as a 'gentleman's agreement' and there must be a contract, the smaIl print of conditions and services carefully checked.
As to finding a management agent [for your property in Northern Cyprus], the best way is not necessarily to stick a pin in the Buzz Book list [of Northern Cyprus] or to pick out a name from the newspapers [of Northern Cyprus] over a beer - although these could be successful! Both lawyers [of Northern Cyprus] and estate agents [of Northern Cyprus] will be able to provide names and indeed many estate agents [of Northern Cyprus] have their own management department [to manage properties such as apartments in central Kyrenia etc]. But as elsewhere in the world, it pays not to take verbal assurances for granted. Management agents having sprung into being to meet a surge in demand may claim long experience in the realms of property management - but perhaps not in the TRNC [Northern Cyprus]. Every country has its own customs, culture and modus vivendi and only those very familiar with the ways of the TRNC's [Northern Cyprus’] working world and a command of both the English and Turkish languages can claim competence. No reputable agent [in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus] will be offended if one asks for names of satisfied clients as a reference. House owners wiIl be happy to pass on recommendations and, if stilI not satisfied, one can go to the next agent [of Northern Cyprus] on the list.

Any management agent [of Northern Cyprus] should have legal authority to operate, whether through an established registered company or other manner of operation approved -by TRNC [Northern Cyprus] law and any client is entitled to check on this. It could matter a great deal if a contract turned sour. In considering appointing an agent or agency [of Northern Cyprus for your property such as a flat] it is not just the paper-work which is important. To work successfuIly, the relationship must be of mutual liking, respect and trust because caring for one's home implies a very personal service. It is helpful if client and agent [of Northern Cyprus] are 'on the same wave-Iength' so that in making a request, for example, to recover sitting room furniture the client can rely on the agent understanding his or her tastes.
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