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Fixed speed cameras on the way

HOT on the heels of mobile speed cameras comes a new weapon in the police armoury against the TRNC's [Northern Cyprus] poor and law-flouting drivers.

Fixed cameras are to be sited on main roads to catch speeding motorists, the prime cause of the country's road accidents.

Representatives of the Netherlands-based International Road Safety Association were in North Cyprus this week to help in locating, installing and operating the "Gatsometer" cameras.

Interior Minister [of Northern Cyprus] Ozkan Murat said plans were also being pursued to set up a branch of the association in North Cyprus, in line with an agreement reached in June.

Mr Murat, greeting the representatives, stressed that the association was a non-governmental organisation set up under UN criteria, the aim of which was "to establish branches in different countries and to provide assistance on traffic control".

It provided know-how and information on the latest technology relating to traffic, and it was important for the TRNC [Northern Cyprus] to benefit from such professional groups as it tried to reduce the number of fatal road accidents.

In spite of increased fines and penalties, new driving school regulations, an increase in the number of traffic police, and the introduction of mobile cameras, said Mr Murat, accidents were still happening [in Northern Cyprus].

"Even with all these measures, sadly we still hear about fatal accidents and the number is as high as last year."

But Mr Murat pointed to a fall in the level of road fatalities in countries where fixed cameras were in use, and expressed confidence that the same effect would be seen in the TRNC [Northern Cyprus]. 


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