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Tower 34
Kyrenia Court Suites I
Kyrenia Court Suites II

Kyrenia Court Suites III

Kyrenia Court Suites IV-V

Kyrenia Court Suites VI

Kyrenia Court Suites VII

Kyrenia Court Suites VIII - IX

Kyrenia Court Suites X
Kyrenia Court Suites XI
Kyrenia Court Suites XII
Kyrenia Court Suites XIII
Kyrenia Court Suites XIV
Kyrenia Court Suites XV
Kyrenia Court Suites 16
Kyrenia Court Suites 17
Nicosia Court
Tatlısu Court
Terrace Life Apartments 
Click here to view the list of properties for sale in North Cyprus. All of the properties are located in the magnificent city Kyrenia (Girne), on the northern coast of the Cyprus. Northern Cyprus is a treasure chest of mediaeval castles, abbeys, amphitheatres, and monuments.


Roger Catherall
KC VII - Apartment 5
"They told me that if you buy a Distinctive Properties property there is a clause in the contract that you will agree to contribute to the re-painting of the outside of the building and the public areas every five years. This reflects two important factors not evident in the works of all developers in this part of the world. Firstly that the building is expected to last for more than one multiple of five years and secondly that Necat and his brother Ertug have such pride in their work that they wish to be able to point out their developments in years to come knowing that they will still be in perfect repair..." more... 

Eren Küçükkaya - Cyprus
KC VII - Apartment 2
"Kıbrıs'ta 4 mevsim oturulabilecek bir daire ararken, bana sunulan birçok seçenek arasından Kyrenia Court...." more...


Carol & Dennis Page - UK
KC VI Apt. 6, KC IX Apt. 3
"Thinking of buying a property in N. Cyprus? Look no further. After visiting beautiful Kyrenia, N. Cyprus over a year ago, my husband and I decide to go ahead and buy some property here...." more...


Alan & Victoria Urmston - UK
Kyrenia Court VII - Apartment 6
"Immediately we saw the apartment, we knew it was the one in which we wanted to spend a large part of our retirement years. The clean elegant design is stylish and..." more...

Emirali Gulbak - TRNC:

Kyrenia Court IX Apartment 4
"As a citizen of TRNC living here, I was looking for a small investment. Locally, I know the property market pretty well. After searching various developers..." more... 

Hugh Stevenson - U.K.

Kyrenia Court V-Apartment 4
"I have been visiting North Cyprus on a regular basis for some years and wished to purchase an investment/base and in Kyrenia Court V found the ideal purchase for my needs..." more...

Steve Champ - Stoke on Trent, U.K.

KC Apartments and KC Shops

“Just to confirm what a great pleasure it has been to purchase my property portfolio from your goodselves, over the last couple of years. I have found the information and advice .." more...

M. Haziq Siddiqi - Karachi-Pakistan

Kyrenia Court III-Apartment 4
“I first visited Northern Cyprus in the summer of 2004, when I drove up from Larnaca with my family. We stayed in the Pitoresk Holiday Village and all of us (my wife & kids) fell in love with the place. The 2 week stay was idyllic. The idea of buying some property in the TRNC (KKTC)..."  more...

Tracy & Peter Collins - UK:

Kyrenia Court III, apartment 5
Kyrenia Court IX, apartment 1
"As a couple from the UK, looking for our first overseas investment we were initially unsure if North Cyprus could deliver or what to expect from the ever expanding number of developers more...

Brian Deen & Simon Cooper – UK

Kyrenia Court II, Apartment 6
"As our Apartment nears its hand over date I thought it appropriate that I write to you on behalf of Simon and myself to say, how pleased we have been with the whole process of buying our apartment..."more…

Trevor & Jan Shaw – Nottingham UK

Kyrenia Court I, Apartment 4

"When we first went over to view properties in North Cyprus we visited a large number of different sites and met some of the developers. We decided on purchasing from Distinctive Properties because..." more...

Gunter Brockmann - Germany

Kyrenia Court I, Apartment 3
"It was absoluty fine to buy an apartment from Distinctive Properties Ltd.. From signing the contract until handing over the flat everthing was fair and relaxed. The completed apartment fulfills 100% of my expectation and if I decide one day to buy another one the first contact will be Distinctive Properties Ltd."

Guliz Kaner - Managing Director Kaner Group of Companies
Kyrenia Court I, Apartment 2
"Although there are so many developers in North Cyprus, Distinctive Properties Ltd. is one of the few trustworthy companies to buy a property." more...



SkyHouse Luxury Apartments, Kyrenia
SkyHouse Luxury Apartments

Tower 34 Luxury Apartments, Kyrenia
Tower 34 Luxury Apartments

Kyrenia Court Suites VI

Kyrenia Court Suites VIII - IX

Kyrenia Court Suites XVI

Kyrenia Court Suites XI

Kyrenia Court Suites XII

Kyrenia Court Suites XIV

Nicosia Court I - II

Kyrenia Court Suites VIII-IX

Kyrenia Court Suites VIII-IX

What sets Distinctive Properties apart?

What truly sets Distinctive Properties apart are ‘distinct’, high quality, low maintenance, thoughtfully and uniquely designed homes located at prime locations with you and your family in mind.  more...

Please note that ALL of our developments are being built on internationally recognised properties and ALL our developments have the necessary permits, title deeds (free of legal obligations) and our building standards are international. We like to do everything by the book!

Where the house becomes HOME

Take this opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean in comfort. Distinctive Properties Limited has identified your need for relaxation and luxury and has created homes to make sure that your investment is not only a financial one but also one of personal security, relaxation, motivation and self-fulfilment.

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